Congratulations to Carolina Hurricanes fan and Bunch of Jerks shirt owner Zion Williamson for being the top pick in the 2019 NBA draft! Zion is headed to New Orleans, where he will look to help the new-look Pelicans recover from the loss of superstar Anthony Davis. Zion took the basketball world by storm with his incredible athletic feats at Duke and he memorably entered the NHL hockey discussion with his support of the Carolina Hurricanes during the Stanley Cup playoffs push. For those who don’t follow basketball too closely, Zion has been called a “franchise-changing forward” who looks to make an immediate impact in the NBA.

Bunch of Jerks Zion Williamson NBA Draft
Proud Bunch of Jerks supporter Zion Williamson is taking his talents to the NBA as the number one draft pick of the New Orleans Pelicans!