bunch of jerks mask

With the current coronavirus pandemic, many of us are required to wear masks at work or in public. While some of these masks do not stop spread of the novel coronavirus, they can at least help flatten the COVID 19 curve by preventing droplets from transmitting from one person to another. So, if you wear a Bunch of Jerks mask and your friend 6 feet away also wears a Bunch of Jerks coronavirus mask, you are much less likely to get your friend sick.

We’ve decided to make our Bunchofjerks.com designs available for sale on cloth masks. This is a perfect way to show your support as a fan of the Carolina Hurricanes as well as help keep your friends from getting sick! Please keep in mind these cloth Bunch of Jerks masks are not a medical device and they are not meant to prevent or treat any virus or illness. It’s just one fashionable way to practice better hygiene while you are out running essential errands or working.

Please keep practice social distancing so we can all emerge from this pandemic safer and healthier and get the NHL back!