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The Bunch of Jerks Facebook Group has over 3000 members and growing. We may be a little biased, but we think this group of jerks is the best collection of Carolina Hurricanes fans on social media. If you are a Facebook member and a serious Canes fan, come on over and join the community. We [&hellip

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The Bunch of Jerks fans community has started sharing NHL hockey memes, Canes pictures, home made Bunch of Jerks merchandise, and Hurricane fan sightings on the Bunch of Jerks Instagram page. Follow, tag, and share the Bunch of Jerks Instagram feed with your friends and family. We are trying to build a community for the [&hellip

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Bunch of Jerks Masks Coronavirus COVID Masks

With the current coronavirus pandemic, many of us are required to wear masks at work or in public. While some of these masks do not stop spread of the novel coronavirus, they can at least help flatten the COVID 19 curve by preventing droplets from transmitting from one person to another. So, if you wear [&hellip

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We had some problems with our hosting. Too much traffic stressed the resources, despite our hosting provider assuring us that our plan could handle the influx of Jerks! I think they underestimated how many Canes fans there are and just how passionate the Bunch of Jerks hockey fans are! Just like Carolina Hurricanes fans, we [&hellip

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