Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let's Talk About Caitlyn Jenner And How Stupid People Are

By now you all know. Bruce Jenner has become Caitlyn Jenner. From a man, to a woman. And holy crap do people have opinions on it. But why?

I've been asked my thoughts on this whole thing, and I have given everyone the same answer. I have no thoughts on this situation. I don't care. No one should care. What some guy does to his body shouldn't matter to anyone at all. There are more important things in the world to get upset and throw your flag around about. The only thing I could see as being reasonable to be annoyed about is the constant media coverage of it instead of covering real problems in the world that are happening. But the main problem I have is people on the internet. The internet is stupid. Really stupid.

Since the internet came along, people suddenly feel like their opinion matters. Everyone, even us. However when people share their opinion or thoughts, most of the time they're wrong. And they have no idea what the hell they're talking about. Here is what lead me to this tonight:

The above was posted to Facebook, and now it is everywhere. Some people are calling what Caitlyn Jenner did brave. Some saying it takes courage to do what she did. And some are calling it heroic. Now to me, Brave and courage yes. It takes serious guts to come out as your true self, especially when your true self is something like a different sex. A hero? Maybe to others who want to stand out and do what she did but are too afraid. Jenner has to cover of media so being jumped in an alley for being different isn't much as a concern to her as it is to the average person. However, there is something pretty wrong by using that photo of those two "people". Because yes there are those on Twitter calling the two soldiers in that image "people". The problem? They're not people. They're action figures.

They want to use that image to remind us all of courage, heroism, and bravery. But they are trying to use that image because they think it's two brave soldiers fighting in the mud for our country. However, those are two G.I. Joe action figures. Done as artwork. By a cross dresser.

Mark Hogancamp was a man who also did a bit of cross dressing. He told this secret to someone at a bar, that someone wound up getting together with a group of other guys and beating Mark close to death. Why? Because he was different. Mark was left in a coma, and when he woke up he did not remember his former life at all. He had to relearn everything. How to eat, walk, drink, function as a human being. He wasn't able to afford therapy so he began rebuilding his memories using these action figures in his backyard recreating pieces of his memory. There is a documentary out about the whole thing called Marwencol.

So this is just a heads up to those that want to throw around this image and use terms like "being gay is a choice" and "being a tranny is a mental health problem and they should be medicated" because yes, I have read those same things in the past week about the whole situation. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bill Cosby Maybe Raped Women And Everyone Hates Him

Everyone on the internet has taken torches to Bill Cosby the past couple weeks. A comedian Hannibal Buress, who has jokes in his stand-up about rape, made comments about how Bill Cosby once raped someone. And suddenly everyone has gone anti-Cosby. The girl is being interviewed, a bunch of other girls are now saying "OH YEAH, ME TOO!" And washed up model Janice Dickinson who once wrote about how they didn't have sex once, now says "Oh wait actually we did and it was rape!" And some other actress from the 70's is going on about how he forced oral sex on her in 1971 just remembers now about it all in 2014 and decides to say something? Because of this, every single person I see on Twitter and in articles has gone bull blown anti-Cosby. All of this, with zero proof that any of this is true.

Now, Cosby did have these allegations thrown at him, and he settled out of court. A long time ago. Actually this whole incident happened in the 1970's. And some women are saying as recent as 2004 this happened. Now remember, these are accusations. There has been no proof at all that any of this has actually happened. He had a new NBC sitcom planned, a comedy special for Netflix, and The Cosby Show was still in reruns. Ever since all of this has came about, NBC cancelled his show, Netflix cancelled the special, and all reruns of The Cosby Show have been pulled. All over things that happened years ago. If people really cared that much, why was no one raising such a stink about it back then? Oh yeah, social media.

Social Media was pretty fun, a neat way to keep up with what friends were doing, and interact with them and new people. To find people who shared similar interests and discuss them, or maybe debate things that are going on in the world. But in the past year social media has changed. It has now become a platform for people to bitch and complain about anything and everything. And not because they really believe in it, but mainly just so they can get the retweets, favorites, and jump around yelling "LOOK AT ME!" Sure there are a few people who really are trying to make a statement, but a huge majority of others, are just trying to jump on on the latest trending Twitter topic. Want proof? Wait a month and see how many people are going on about Bill Cosby then. No one will be. People comment and make a fuss about topics for a couple weeks and then move on to something else that's trending.

So here's what I want to know. Why be so mad at Bill Cosby, but not others? Bill Cosby "allegedly" rapes someone, and gets hell for it. Mike Tyson actually does rape someone, not allegedly he really did, and now he has a cartoon on Cartoon Network. What? Kobe Bryant "allegedly" raped someone, settled out of court, and because he changed his jersey number and won a championship everyone forgets? Chris Brown beats the holy living shit out of a female, and is given awards and performance spots on MTV. What?

If you're going to be all pissed at Bill Cosby over something that might have happened 40 years ago, why are you not mad at the other celebrities that have done things as well? Oh, they're not trending.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Big Lots Fires Man For Trying To Stop A Crime

I understand stores, especially corporate stores, don't really want employees to stop shoplifters. It can cause all kinds of problems, but when that employee is your store manager and has dedicated insane work hours to your business to help sales and run the store to perfect? Not to mention a father of 4. I think firing him over the situation is a little bit of a dick move.

I know this site generally only posts entertainment gossip and news, but this story really bugged me. I was going to call this post, Big Lots, More Like Big Dicks, but you can see how that wouldn't really work out. What Big Lots did was a dick move. There needs to be more people in the world like this guy. A hard working Dad who provides for his family and is a 100% dedicated employee, getting screwed over because he was trying to just do what Batman would do, stand up for justice. And protect the assets of the company he works for. Here is the story of what went down, from the guys fiancee.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dear Weinstein Company, Please Bring Back Michael Myers!

Every horror movie these days is pretty standard. Ghost kids. Weird ghosts. Random objects that summons ghosts. And 1 out of every 50 or so that come along actually work.

I miss my slashers. I miss my unstoppable killing machines.

Face it, the Rob Zombie Halloween movies were awful. No true fan of Halloween, like Zombie claims he is, would take a giant dump on the legacy of Michael Myers by having him be a run of the mill redneck kid with redneck parents who goes crazy. John Carpenter did it to perfection. Halloween 2 was great, 4 and 5 were good, 6 was weird, but it worked and it fit. Halloween H20 brought it all back to the first two movies and it was awesome. It was done perfectly. Then Halloween Busta Rhymes came along and while the opening was kind of cool, the rest was just pointless.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Kids Have It Too Easy Today

While writing the article about the Game Boy's 25th anniversary, I went off on a small tangent about how kids today can't appreciate things like video games. And after I finished the post I sat back in my chair and realized, kids today have it way too easy.

I spend a lot of time playing games online late at night. Almost every night. And I gotta say a good 80% of the squeaky voiced gamers are pretty much assholes. I see it everywhere. In grocery stores, malls, all over. Kids today are crazy annoying, and I think I know why. They have it way too easy. They don't have to work for a single thing. I don't mean getting a job, I mean having to go through the tougher things in life like my generation did just about 15 years or so ago. Like having access to porn.